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Home Decor

Home is where the heart is. Make your home a dream home that your feet may leave but not your heart. Let us help you to make your dream home come true with a wide range of home decor items.


About Home Decor Online

Home décor plays an important part in deciding how your home looks. You can make even a small home look beautiful by decorating it well. You can use your imagination and creative ideas to decorate your home. Some prefer modern home décor while others go for traditional home décor.

Modern homes are very colorful, using bright contrast colors as well as start black and white colors. Check board paint and plastic furniture are very popular today. Curvy and geometric furniture is also seen. Latest home décor ideas are applied here. Traditional home décor means using wooden furniture that are crafted in traditional style, chandeliers, colorful cushions with works on them, Persian carpet on the floor and so on. Swing bed and an Indian lounge makes your home decor perfectly traditional.

Various handicrafts are available, which can add charm to your home. Dazzling crystal ware, candelabrums with three candle stands, wall hangings, wooden bowls, brassware, wooden rangoli, statue of Ganesha in marble, bidri horse statue etc add color and life to your living room.

Hanging paintings on the wall can make your walls look attractive. Paintings for home vary a lot and you can choose one of your preferences. Modern painting looks good in contemporary homes. Many prefer miniature paintings depicting hills and valleys, gardens, court scenes and so on. Tanjore paintings, Kalamkari paintings, Worli paintings, Gond paintings, Madhubani paintings etc are others to choose from. Each is unique in its own style.

You must choose your home furnishings with care. They must match well with the size, color and shape of the room as well as other decorations in the room. Colorful Rajasthani cushion covers with embroidery and mirror works, Jaipuri cotton bed sets, printed bed sheets, bean bags of different sizes, shapes and colors, window and door curtains, rugs, carpets, door mats and lots more are there for you to choose from.