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Some people treat it as a status symbol, some treat it as an insurance for bad times. We see it as something which makes you feel good when you wear it and lends something special to your outfit. If you feel the same, then make one of these beautifully crafted jewellery pieces your own.

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About Jewelry Online

The tradition of Indian Jewellery started around 5000 years ago. People in the ancient times wore jewellery made of stone, ivory and shells. In the paintings of Ajanta, men and women can be seen wearing different types of jewellery. The ancient Tamil classic, Silapadikaram, talks about a society dealing in gold, precious stones and pearls. Jewellery in ancient times was not just used to adorn oneself and look beautiful but it was also used to protect oneself from evil forces. Infact, rudraksha mala and sandalwood beads are worn even today for the same purpose.

With the Mughal rule and the combination of Indian and persian style, India jewellery reached a new height with innovations in design, work and style. It has continuously evolved since then and over the decades, it has transformed a lot. It is found in different forms, design and styles and varies from one region to another. Jewelry for women varies from traditional to trendy and are made of different kinds of material. Gold jewelry has always been preferred during marriages and special occasions, however it's a little expensive. Diamond jewellery which is relatively more affordable is increasingly been worn during marriages, parties and other special occasions. Infact, artificial jewelry which is cheap trendy jewelry is a preferred choice for many women these days. It is available in different jewelry designs, there is less risk of theft and it is easier to maintain.

Due to the diversity of India, there are different states with their own unique jewelry style. Rajasthan is famouns for its kundan jewellery and meenakari jewellery. South Indian Jewellery and Temple jewellery have their own charm and beauty. Hyderabad's Pearl Jewelry is equally magnificent and a must have for every women. These jewellery styles usually serve the purpose of wedding jewelry or bridal jewelry.

Women on a daily basis love to wear much lighter jewellery like beaded jewelry, coral jewelry and fashion jewelry. This jewelry is available in vibrant colors and looks very pretty when worn with a casual kurti, jeans, top etc. There are women who also love to wear silver jewellery with a salwar kameez on a regular basis. Terracotta jewelry is also a preferred choice for many women these days who want to look simple yet elegant. Infact handmade jewellery is in vogue these days with women. Tribal jewelry is increasingly gaining attention with the urban women who want to look class apart. These contemporary jewelry styles reflect the amount of change that has happened in the fashion scene in India when it comes to women's jewelry.

There is also jewellery which is worn for therapeutic use like copper jewelry. Wearing a copper kada is believed to alleviate joint pain. Infact there is also evil eye jewelry which is supposed to protect from an evil eye. There is religious and spiritual kind of jewellery which is also in demand in India.

Costume jewelry is equally famous in a country like India where there are different dance-drama styles. Bharatanatyam jewellery, Kathak jewellery etc are much sought after in India.

Not just women's jewelry, men's jewelry, girls' jewelry and kids jewelry have also evolved with time. You can even have customized jewellery made for you these days. Have the name of you and your spouse engraved on a couple ring and your couples jewelry is ready. Flaunt it with style!

The Gorgeous Jewelry Online from Shimply

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